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Bill Kemper

William C. Kemper (Bill Kemper) ventured off his own as a structural framing contractor at the age of 20 years old in 1986. Five years later at the age of 25 years old, Mr. Kemper had the past president of Coca-Cola’s residence under construction as the sole framing contractor (with 22 personnel on payroll) as well as also being paid as an independent building consultant to the highly unique project. The City of Atlanta said “It’s the best work we have ever seen.” which the City of Atlanta and other metro communities have since made similar statements numerous times many years thereafter.

Mr. Kemper has been crafting proprietary custom contracts for over 25 years and has developed a variety of proprietary legal documents and architectural projects that have always been engineered towards the success of multiple parties. While not trained as an attorney… Mr. Kemper's skills have become highly-polished in crafting professionally-formatted litigation prevention rather than just typical litigation protection garbage which most folks of all colors are typically mentally limited. Mr. Kemper uses his skills to create infinite win-win legal documents such as sales and purchase agreements, commercial invoices, master fee protection agreements, sub-fees, joint venture agreements, usage fee contracts, monetization contracts, trade contacts, general contracts, sub-contracts, business plans, and compliance packages that earn respect from all parties.

The decades of unique architecture/engineering/construction automation skills combined with the thousands of hours within the financial, technology, and commodities markets… allows Mr. Kemper to use his full-featured experience and insight as well as due diligence, documentation, and packaging skills to help those that are coachable to work smarter rather than harder in order to take full advantage of modern thought, technology, and financial processes that intelligently lead to predictable success.

Through years of introductions and interactions with many thousands of people, Mr. Kemper has healthy relationships within the following areas:

  • Architecture/engineering/construction/manufacturing/operations not limited to concrete, wood, or steel
  • High-efficiency robotic construction component manufacturing and installation technologies
  • Multiple university PhD departments
  • Computer hardware/software developers
  • International/investment/private/merchant banking
  • Corporate/business/economic/community development
  • Securities
  • Monetization
  • Private equity
  • Currency exchange
  • Real estate and mortgage portfolios
  • Bank, corporate, and historical financial instruments
  • Financial trading
  • Project funding
  • Numerous commodities

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