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Don't you just hate it...

...when you've spent THOUSANDS, MILLIONS, AND/OR BILLION$ of dollars on a project that results in poor quality as well as unpredictable profit and lifecycle returns?

Ask Magister Operis how to perpetually unleash predictability/value to your real estate assets!


The key problem of building systems and technologies today:

Currently most architecture, engineering, construction, and operations firms leave most individual part manufacturing and installation details to be analyzed, organized, and implemented on-site. Actual control is not implemented at the explicit direction of the builder/general contractor...but rather at the interpretation level of the subcontractors, suppliers, and/or the installers.

Most construction documents do not meet the true definition of the word: “plans”. Most construction today is implemented with little more than 2-D dimensioned renderings of the floorplan and exterior elevations of the finished product (even though the jobsite has always been 3-D). These “dimensioned 2-D renderings” are being distributed by the general contractors to the subcontractors and suppliers. This common process unfortunately provides very little process-specific information that efficient for the subcontractors, fabricators, and/or installers who are actually fabricating the parts and/or installing the products on-site to carry on their work without interpretation. As a result, no one performing this work has a real “plan”, but something right or wrong will get done, if the subcontractor wants to submit a payment request…

In an effort to gain ground in industry networking, project time tracking, document management, and material procurement... software and Internet developers have developed some useful administration products and web functionality but the vast industry still ignores tools that truly tie the actual construction design, specification, manufacturing, installation, and operations processes together in a seamless manner.

This lack of skilled experience that empowers a 3-D workflow for constructing 3-D buildings on an always 3-D jobsite holds the industry hostage to itself. As a result, very few facility managers/homeowners have any accurate knowledge or control of their as-built assets they have ownership or maintenance responsibilities of. Subsequently, very few people in the service industry have any accurate or even semi-accurate knowledge about what they are being called to service efficiently.

The present result: Enormous Inefficiency + Very Little Predictability!!!


Magister OperisTMbrings freestyle standardization and freestyle construction education to the design/building industry.

Magister OperisTM, through it's proprietary Real Estate Lifecycle Technology SystemsTM, acts as a parent company to thoroughly integrate and synchronize four fully-integrated real estate lifecycle subsidiaries:

  • Concurrent Design Engineering (does not replace the architect)
  • Contract and Control Management
  • Manufacturing and Installation
  • Facility Management

With the target market worldwide, Magister Operis™ has been developing relationships with various universities to develop specialized training to produce technology, science, and site-reality enhanced World-Class "master builders". Magister Operis’ experience and structure quickly dissolves the obstacles that are currently restricting high-speed and efficient flowing construction data, products, technology, processes, and customer service throughout the lifecycle of real estate.

Magister Operis™ synchronizes for the residential, commercial, industrial, governmental/public service, and military environments:

NOTE: It is quite possible that companies, individuals, and organizations with large projects can enjoy immense profit and/or savings of $250,000* a day by adhering to Magister Operis' formulas for efficient and intelligent real estate management throughout the lifecycle of real estate.

*Results will vary depending on your own "coachability" and project as well as company set-up and staffing conditions.


  • Master Development  & Project Planning
  • Architecture
  • Design, Engineer, and/or Build
  • Buyer and/or Seller Advisory Services
  • 3-D+  Project Design Programming (BIM)
  • Seamless Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering
  • Multi-Discipline Integration (Integrated Project Delivery)
  • Interference Detection & Resolution
  • Prefabrication & Installation Programming                                                     
  • Contract & Subcontract Design (win-win; all parties win)
  • Real-time Construction & Project Management
  • Master Project Planning
  • Turnkey Programming
  • Reporting & Controls
  • Mass-Production or Highly Custom One-of-a-Kind
  • Computer Numerically-Controlled (CNC) Component Manufacturing
  • Real-time 3-D Layout & Installation
  • Real -time 3-D Machine Control
  • High Accuracy & Profitability
  • Predictable Facility Management and Profitability
  • Accurate & Comprehensive 3-D Owner/Tenent Manuals
  • Predictable/Skillful Expansion and Renovation
  • Accurate Facility/Home Automation
  • Accurate Tenent Automation
  • Predictable Mechanical Services & Maintenance
  • Ultra-Custom
  • Exotic Materials
  • Disaster Resilient
  • Complex Roofs/Radius
  • Ornate Timber-Frame
  • Precast & Sitecast


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