Legal Control

Architectural, Engineering, General, and Subcontracts are written custom to each individual project and synchronized in real-time to reduce potential conflicts/misunderstandings that always arise with generic contracts.

No conflict arises when all is "under control" from a project being engineered to maintain control.

Trade Subcontracts · Subcontracts are written custom to each trade and are adapted to the main tasks that each project presents to clearly specify the responsibility of both the subcontractor and the general contractor and/or owner. Magister Operis' technique eliminates much of the typical project's mystery of when and how each process is to be accomplished since most contract ignore these critical factors. ¨

Generic contracts cannot achieve this.

  • Induces strategic alliances with subcontractors which causes substantial benefit to any general contractor and/or owner.
  • Contracts are written to protect all parties simultaneously.
  • Main contracts are written for use to bind the architect and/or general contractor with the owner.
  • Custom contracts give protection from powerhouse knowledgeable or unknowledgeable homeowners.
  • Trade contracts are written for use to bind the general contractor and/or owner with the subcontractors.
  • Custom contracts minimizes exposure to delay charges..
  • Project specific conditions  and specifications