Other than certain projects in which Magister Operis™ charged for certain services in a "man-hour" charge format, Magister Operis hasn't been paid by the hour since 1986 which is the year that Magister Operis' owner/founder, William C. Kemper, went off on his own as a framing contractor at the age of 20 years old. Outside of those conditions, Magister Operis has only profited through working smarter rather than harder.

Similar to the clueless construction industry, the brokering industry is massively polluted with intermediaries/brokers/consultants that can barely check their own email, believe everything they are told is true, can only focus on commissions, and have little or no due diligence skills. Magister Operis has interacted with and wasted a significant amount of time with THOUSANDS of these people since 2006. A lot has been learned.

Most of these intermediaries are so sure their buyers, sellers, and/or mandates are so real and should be worshipped which is just as bad/clueless as most American sheeple thinking their political leaders are authentic and/or have integrity just because they are a Democrat or a Republican wing of the same historically proven to be broken whole modern bird.

It it not uncommon for these intermediaries to expect you to immediately go to work selling your buyer or seller that the opposite party is real and ready just because another intermediary said says the opposite party is real and ready. Yet they can't/won't show any professional skills in outlining what makes the opposite party real and/or ready.

As a result of witnessing and/or being victim to these numerous clueless abortions in regards to damages to accuracy, time, and money... such conditions will provide intelligent reasons for Magister Operis to issue invoices for retainers in order to engage with parties wanting the attention and/or focus of Magister Operis:

  • Persons that think their advanced education, being an attorney or judge and/or some other authority position, having money, having age, and/or having years of experience around a subject are a replacement for actually evidencing skills and/or intelligent efforts that actually deserve earned respect within the subject matter.
  • Intermediaries that expect Magister Operis to solicit Magister Operis' buyers or sellers with offers or requests that are not clearly and/or professionally defined so that presentations are formatted in a truly professional manner.


NOTE: Retainer amounts will be calculated based on factors various factors such as:

  • Level of exposure to damage to professional reputation.
  • Level of exposure to damage to future profits.
  • Amount of time wasted compared to time needed to close more intelligent transactions.