"Every deal is different. But gathering, organizing, synchronizing, and verifying intelligent facts is common to all deals."
-Wm C. Kemper


  1. Magister Operis DOES NOT participate in the mindless circulation of documents that originate from the unknown.
  2. Magister Operis DOES NOT participate in undefined chains and/or relationships.
  3. Magister Operis DOES NOT expect any principal to sign/seal documents that are less than complete.


The Internet is absolutely polluted with brokers/intermediaries participating mindlessly in such activities like swarms of starving insects. Part of what is being circulated is pure fraud.

Magister Operis only engages in transactions that have evidence of these five things intact:

  1. Details are clear and accurate.
  2. Principle details are concise and clear to the point of not still wondering if either side of principals and parties in-between are real, authentic, and professionally organized.
  3. Relationships clearly defined so principals on both sides of the transaction and all parties in-between are all on the same page. 
  4. Accurate and professionally formatted legal paperwork crafted, supporting documentation ready, and bank officers are available to confirm their fully-integrated participation within the transaction.
  5. All parties in the middle on the same page with strong evidence that they can easily be professionally packaged for efficient payment by payer(s).





Get comprehensive details on the table for Magister Operis review in regards to what the deal is and the exact relationships involved. If you are an intermediary... you either have the professional skills and/or relationships to bring explicit details on what you are bringing so that crystal clear details/reputations can be communicated and documented OR you need to help clear the way for Magister Operis™  to fully interview key players and help design a win/win solution for everyone. Magister Operis™ needs to accurately identify the broker/intermediary chain in order to secure the quality of the relationships necessary to close deals as well as crystallize critical facts and details so that neither the buyside or the sellside is misrepresented and/or miscommunicated.  If possible..intermediaries need to agree on a single common paymaster to make payment by the payer/payor the easiest.Try mentally putting yourself in the shoes of all parties in order to predict what details are going to be required for an intelligent match and closing.


The next step is to allow fluid interaction by those that are direct to principal parties and/or are most knowledgeable to get comfortable with each other and/or are capable of following a contractual transaction around like a good paralegal can so that contractual win-win can be incubated as soon as possible. Allow the most accurate and compact details to come forward that allows a contract between principals to be signed as efficiently as possible.


Introduce the principals to each other after an intelligent match has been established. Be prepared for breakdowns to occur... and when they occur... focus on actual solutions rather than what seems wrong.


A draft contract is crafted for both parties to refine with each other until both parties agree the draft document is ready for signatures.


The "DRAFT" watermark is removed from the production document and the final version of the contract in PDF format is circulated among signatories for their signatures.


This is where the rubber really hits the road. It's often easier to get parties to sign a contract than get them to follow the procedures within the signed contract. Success will come when parties follow the procedures or have the professional skills to resolve whatever issues that arise.


Enjoy success. It probably wasn't as easy as you thought it might be but that's the actual reality of the business.



Please note carefully that if you expect/demand Magister Operis to solicit a respectable principal with less than quality information then please do immediately consider your personal funding capability to immediately compensate Magister Operis with a significant retainer to offset the financial and chronological impact of such expectations and/or demands.

If you think that you are waiting somehow on Magister Operis and have not clearly defined the items in the above outline...please pound into your head immediately that your situation (no matter how much you think it's an emergency) is YOUR own personal problem

Please don't be at all surprised... if Magister Operis demands a $100,000+ retainer... especially/only if you request/demand that Magister Operis act immediately upon less than a professional set of details.