"Arrogance and/or ignorance is rooted in those that have no passion for accountability and/or credibility."

-Wm C Kemper 



Magister Operis™ communicates directly with numerous World Class company/industry executives, traders, bankers, financiers, refiners, non-profits/charities/foundations, as well as corporate/international law firms. These highly-accomplished businesspeople have developed highly-polished skills in regards to weeding-out unorganized and/or obviously clueless deals that typically wastes significant time.

The follow quotes/statements are from a highly-seasoned commodities trader/financier/wealth manager/banker that is highly-invested in shipping, refining, and storage:

  • "Have you googled these people?"
  • "What did you find out?"
  • "Do they have a website?"
  • "Anybody that is somebody in the petroleum industry today has a website. They can google us and get 165,000 results."
  • "What is your exact relationship towards these people?"
  • "You know... I got an email the other day from somebody with a free (non-corporate domain) email account. Do you think I'm going to respond to that email?"
  • "I don't care if somebody is a mandate, the man in the White House, from money, from power, or from royalty. None of that impresses me. I only care about the action."
  • "Before I do a petroleum transaction with somebody... I'm going to know who their mistress is and where she is right now."
  • "I don't care about all your ideas. I only care about the one you are willing to kill yourself for."

Today's business world is full of fraud, deception, and misrepresentation.

These World Class business people have access to World Class information. Some of them have access to intelligence better than many countries on the planet. It is critical that Magister Operis pre-screens facts/details about a deal that most likely will not be proven wrong by access to premium intelligence resources.



If the past president of Coca-Cola says “Bill... my best friend is the president of Barclays Bank… and his brother has MTNs for sale.

Why should Bill believe him?

BECAUSE he is the past president of Coca-Cola... right?

And why should Bill believe that the president of Coca-Cola’s best friend could be the president of Barclays Bank?

BECAUSE he’s the president of Coca-Cola!! Right?? Stands to reason...

(As long as Bill is dealing with claus.halle@coke.com rather than This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. … right?)



You are much less likely to be viewed as credible if you are using email for business that comes from aol, gmail, outlook, hotmail, proton, hushmail, mail.ru, etc.

You are much more likely to gain credibility faster with today's top world banks, as wel as top international accounting and law firms if you use an email address that uses the corporate domain name of a credible website such as www.coke.com or www.vwgroup.com.  

And using a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is way better than using a lower-level email address such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that a often a website-published email address for handling general inquiries that are routed to a receptionist rather than a compentent principal.



Does everybody need a website? Maybe not if you've recently spent thousands of dollars on having glossy corporate brochures printed like credible parties did before the rise of the Internet... right?

Notice most credible parties today have evolved from spending thousands of dollars on quickly outdated corporate brochures into using today's Internet and a website to powerfully convey their integrity for less the two dollars in the first year. 

Today... notice that Internet domain registrars such as GoDaddy, 1&1, etc often offer first year registration of a domain name for less than a dollar and often offer hosting of a domain's website for less than two dollars per month.

So for less than three dollars a month in its first year... a corporate domain name can be registered and a hosting account established to receive and publish the uploaded files that creates the website itself.

Whether you are a principal or an intermediary... you will most certainly gain the most credibility the fastest if you are smart enough to be willing to invest at least two dollars on yourself.

If you don't have a website nor an updated corporate brochure and are not a self-made billionaire... it's logically only your own fault that you aren't earning maximum credibility today as soon as possible like self-made billionaires Robert Kiyosaki, Doug Casey, Jeff Bezos, etc.

Aren't those that think they don't need a website for themselves... AUTOMATICALLY self-categorizing themselves as "mentally disqualified" to even begin to think like most self-made billionaires think today?

It is not uncommon to hear some brokers and wanna' be principals to say that they don't need a website since they think they deserve automatic equal respect as a global leader hedge fund such as Blackstone.

Notice that it's the same stories/mentalities from these weak-minded/masters of narcissism people that think they don't need websites are the exact reason they don't have the same credibility nor $6.3 TRILLION under management as www.blackstone.com... right?

Magister Operis is willing to help those that really want to help themselves. There is not much you can tell Magister Operis about challenges and domain registrations as wells as creating credible websites that Magister Operis doesn't already understand.



Can most anybody put together a website? Of course you can... and often many people do for less than three dollars per month for the first year as discussed above.

The reality is that you can created a highly credible website with very little money and you could spend a lot of money on a website that is pure BS in its credibility.

Consider the fact that whatever you publish (or don't) on your website is your online/modern "brand" of yourself. Are you creating content that is boring with no credibility or are you creating content that demands you instant respect? What is your true focus therein?

Three things experienced professionals will look for immediately:

  • Overall credibility of the website
  • Overall bio/credibility of the principals involved
  • Whether that website represents an organization that can get things done

If you can't gain near instant credibility using a modern website... then either you need to be more coachable or you are too fake to begin with and/or wasting everyone's time.

And it's also true that nothing stops anybody from publishing a website that really says really nothing of intelligent substance. There are many websites 1-5 page websites polluting the Internet that just say nothing more than "blah, blah, blah" and essentially nothing about what anybody's real professional background is within the company and why anything published on the website might have anything credible behind it.



It's true that a number of attorneys are as clueless as a number of principals that don't know what they are doing, don't want to know what they are doing, and are greedy and/or lazy and/or even more evil.

That said... there are a number of highly competent principals and attorneys today that are at the top of their game and are leaders and/or experts in the areas of corporate law, international law, and/or establishing credibility for all parties. Notice also that most every self-made billionaire today has at least one competent website associated with their name.

Very small deals may justify not having any legal expenses involved... but in larger transactions... the cost of competent attorneys fees easily results in superior performance within a transaction.



Magister Operis receives numerous supposedly "official documents" from many people who really do have the talent to apply to be stars on Comedy Central and Broker Jackpot hoping to get rich quick with maximum emotion and minimum efforts and/or attention to critical details/credibility required.

The Internet is currently highly-polluted with absolutely fake bank documents, fake principals, and fake brokers that are so, so intensely focused on their fees that they can't see the often obvious clues that the documents they want everybody to respect are obviously fake to anybody that has been around this industry for any respectable amount of time. 

Magister Operis reserves the right to speak the truth and to highly scrutinize as well as perform due diligence on the authenticity of any bank and/or KYC documents submitted as credible.

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