Paymasters are cheap insurance for brokers to get paid smoothly. Most paymasters charge nothing upfront. Magister Operis™ is signed-up with multiple paymaster attorneys and happy to sign up with other attorneys that have IOLTA accounts and those that will provide written confirmation of representation as a paymaster. Being signed up with multiple paymasters makes the common debate among brokers about what paymaster to agree upon using to disburse funds to a group much simpler.

Brokers will often waste valuable time worrying/debating about how much a paymaster charges. Paymasters are dirt cheap insurance. Most paymasters charge less than 1% of our commissions to disburse funds according to our instructions. Choose a paymaster that is friendly, accessible, and is reasonably flexible to work with. And the more the paymster is up to speed with document management and modern communications such as email, websites, digital files, etc...the better. 

All these attorneys offer payment receipt and distribution services for the commissions paid to intermediaries for various transactions. Some have the background and skills to help you with wealth management and have relationships with top banking wealth management personnel to assist you with transfers and managment of large sums of money as well as any currency exchanges needed.

Every attorney works a little different than the next. Like many people in the business world today, some attorneys are highly efficent and professional in their operations and some can barely check their own email and/or too incompetent to put page numbers on their own legal documents. Magister Operis will lean towards bringing business to attorneys that evidence greater professional enthousiasm.

Another purpose of Magister Operis being signed-up with multiple paymasters is so that it eliminates any debates about what paymaster to use when agreeing with other intermediaries in regards to what paymaster should be used for a transaction. Magister Operis will not take the time to debate how much a paymaster fees are since Magister Operis feels that attorney paymasters are cheap insurance especially in the case when no retainer is required upfront..


Below are the various paymasters that Magister Operis has various levels of affiliation with:


Counter-signed Paymaster Agreement

  • Perry Law Group
  • Gary Horwitz
  • Raymond Holland


Compliance and signed paymaster agreement submitted but not countersigned

  • Susan Adler
  • Robert Suttmeier
  • Elliot Wilcox


Compliance Submitted but Paymaster Agreement is part of a subfee

  • Jehuda Khilmer
  • John Glenn


Compliance submitted and acknowledgement recieved back but no form of a paymaster agreement on the table.

  • Crawford Shaw


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