Magister Operis' founder,  William C. Kemper, was raised in his childhood to respect authority. But over the years, he has witnessed, been victim to, and has highly documented many parties that have high educational status, high authority status, and/or those that claim to be masters, experts,  religious leaders, doctors, politicians, lawyers/barristers, judges, enforcement or compliance officers, and others in a position of authority/control/experience who have created complete abortions and are largely clueless in regards to creating, crafting, and/or implementing successful and/or accurate construction projects, business transactions, legal operations, and/or humanitarian projects. 

Respect must be earned no matter your title.

Your reputation is what you do rather than what you say.


NOTE: Parties that insist their title is more important than their performance should immediately review the conditions under which Magister Operis will require a retainer to continue in any further/future conversation.