NCND agreements are useful for allowing parties to give each other mutual agreement that they are working together on subjects where information being passed back and forth may be confidential and that parties are agreeing that it's not in the best interest of either party to be competing with each other.


What I've had said to me multiple times: "NCNDs aren't worth the paper they are written on...and only good for toilet paper."

My response: "Good -Don't read it - Just sign it!

It's not worth anything or has any legal value...right?"

What's the real intention of somebody...
... who avoids signing a NCND that takes 10 seconds to legally sign?




      Magister Operis™ has no time for circumvention and desires no reputation of circumvention.

      If you bring a chain of people that has 50 people that Magister Operis already knows but Magister Operis doesn't know about the specific opportunity... you are fully protected because that's perfectly fair to all parties. Obviously the shorter the chain the better but you can bank on the fact that Magister Operis will completely respect original genealogies for each legitimate deal.

      In order to accelerate direct communication between buy and sell sides within a transaction… it is obvious that fluid teamwork must follow to correctly document the working relationships of both the buy-side parties and the sell-side parties. All parties in-between need protected in knowing their business contacts remain proprietary. The mandates and intermediaries need to know they are getting paid fairly for their participation in the transaction as well. It is Magister Operis’ goal to treat all parties with proper respect and utmost professionalism. Magister Operis’ main mission is to define, organize, and program the facts that successfully close transactions in the most rapid, efficient, and professional manner. Win-win is as per design of our combined teamwork herein…right?

    In order to bring forth legitimacy and fluid efficiency to the commodity and private transaction industries…Magister Operis™ is proud to join the ranks of the today’s World-Class organizations using the Adobe Sign online electronic signing, tracking, and filing legal and financially-enabled documents. The Federal E-SIGN Act into law on October 1, 2000 makes online electronic signatures in a commercial transaction equivalent to a written signature.