The way that most broker/intermediaries try to go about closing deals with the least amount of efforts in regards to outlining/packaging clear facts on behalf of the principals and the parties in-between is scientifically a pure process of gambling. Notice that most people just mindlessly forward to you whatever they receive into their inbox and expect you mindlessly forward  it onto the next party and then wait for success to magically appear and make everyone instantly rich.

So it stands to reason that many people in this often insane industry might discover much greater odds of success by doing the following all by themselves:

  1. Sit or stand around where people and/or traffic congregate and hold your cup out for donations.
  2. Collect/beg for enough donations/money to purchase a lottery ticket of your choice.
  3. Purchase the lottery ticket of your choice.
  4. Lay-around like a lazy dog and watch for typical lottery-like success to show-up on your ticket. 

Notice this "Beg & Lotto™" option easily allows you to operate your life absolutely freely with none of the following intact:

  • EXPERIENCE (other than the experience of your wanting folks to sell your poorly packaged deals/principals as real)

Please distinctly notice how your compliant choice of "Beg & Lotto" also easily allows you to choose to have to evermore mindlessly/greedily engineering within all sides of sides of your fee agreements with the lotto provider (payer) you have chosen for yourself AND you don't even have to expend your best skills writing OPEN, CLOSED, TBA, and/or TBD, as well as engineering fee agreement boxes/sides for yourself on more mindless broker/intermediary documents floating around the Internet...right?

Please note that Magister Operis™ makes no claims to have any experience with nor even knows how to play any lotteries. Magister Operis has significant experience witnessing the masses typical ways of choosing to operate and that the average chances/statistics of winning lotteries is probably in the same league as the chances of most brokers/intermediaries closing deals while employing their typical methods and modes of operations that absolutely pollutes today's Internet's email servers.

What Magister Operis does know is that the winning ticket is as simple as flowcharting actual facts so that success is as simple as a rarely intelligently planned event rather than a typical gamble. It's that simple.


Definition of "insanity" = The act of doing the same thing... over and over again... expecting a different result.