In 1965 I was born in Kettering, Ohio where my great grandfather owned a machine shop and crafted/machined parts for the Wright brothers. I'm told that my mother's ancestry traveled the Atlantic on the Mayflower and her father performed the first military aerial free-fall jump over Lake Michigan.

            Besides being active within the Boy Scouts of America, I worked in my pre-teen years within various self-employed positions such as delivering newspapers, landscape maintenance, shoveling snow, selling various seeds, as well as selling a variety of magazines door-to-door.

            Upon becoming a teen I worked for Architectural Antiques in Dayton, Ohio which was owned by one of my uncles. I completed various tasks including general demolition and cleaning, sorting woods, and stripping old paint from woodwork,  The business of Architectural Antiques was to reclaim, restore, and/or replicate old architectural woodwork and various ornamentation. Being around this creative business created a huge appreciation for quality woodwork, Old World architecture, and a freestyle creative mentality.

            In high school I was a member of Distributive Marketing And Education Clubs of America (DECA) where I studied and was trained in basic retailing and marketing. While having nothing to do with my public education... I graduated high school knowing how to run a basic framing crew as well as a basic concept of how architecture layers itself upon the planet.

            In 1986 at the age of 20 years old, and after three years of part and full-time learning the skilled trade of rough carpentry, I went off my own as a structural framing contractor in the Gwinnett County area in the state of Georgia which is located in the southern region of the United States. I had no partners that knew anything substantial about construction. My father was a manufacturer’s rep for high-end medical devices such as MRI, EKG, ultra-sound, CAT scanners, etc.

            When I was 25 years old…I had the president of Coca-Cola’s house under construction both as a framing contractor and building consultant. I fully integrated the skills of the architect, the general contractor, the consulting structural engineer, engineered lumber manufacturer, and the 22 guys I had on payroll. The City of Atlanta’s building inspectors said it was the best work they had ever seen. They and other building authorities have said the same thing numerous times since. There are pictures on my website. Over the years I developed an international reputation for my complex roof cutting, radius and elliptical component fabrication, and being a pioneer in using 3-D CAD (computer aided design) literally on the jobsite to create precision production and assembly drawings.

            In 2006…I was the victim of a BG buy/sell (sold to me as “project funding”) transaction that never performed as promised. At the time …I had no idea what a bank instrument was but rather was simply seeking $10M+ in funding for a proprietary business plan that will forever transform the architecture, engineering, construction, engineering, and operations industry.

            But…if I knew then what I know now…there wouldn't’t still be $100K floating around.  That was my unofficial introduction into the often insane bank instrument/private placement/project funding, and commodities industries.

            My official involvement in REO, CMO, commodities, bank instruments, and private placement industries began in 2008 after the son of a Federal judge, based on my unique construction background, asked me to lead a group of parties that were primarily mostly real estate agents and brokers. The focus of that particular group was REO and mortgage portfolios.

            As time has passed since then…I have observed the methods, conditions, mentalities, and patterns of many brokers, intermediaries, and principals in a wide range of subject matters. Most of these parties’ mode of operation is typically just as careless and/or clueless as many people within the architecture/engineering/construction/operations industries.  Significant time and efforts are wasted from people preferring to work harder rather than smarter.  It is well documented at many of Atlanta's finest addresses.

            Over 25 years have evolved very proprietary construction contracts and subcontracts that have earned the respect of counsels, court, and jury. Notice many attorneys are focused on litigation protection whereas I am focused on litigation prevention. Every legal document Magister Operis creates is crafted for win-win for all parties.

            While supervision of an experienced attorney/paralegal is welcome…Magister Operis dosn't need anybody to hold its hand to draft basic win-win legal documents since most are more experience in the impact of a retainer in their account rather than verbiage that induces the maximum result possible against a competent retainer.

            I have spent enough time in the financial and commodity industries now…that few things are a mystery anymore. While I realize that even true principles can sometimes be computer illiterate…I am personally gifted enough to craft professionally formatted documents for all phases of transactions. I will research whatever I am initially ignorant within so that the elements within a document are concurrent with the specific transaction between all parties.

            I can skillfully create sales and purchase agreements,  commercial invoices, master fee protection agreements, sub-fees, joint venture agreements, trade contacts, general contracts, sub-contracts, business plans, and compliance packages. I know how to research legal terms and clauses, source templates for modification, and create documents from scratch that contain all the basic elements of a legal contract.

           Once parties prove key facts are reasonably defined…I can often easily blend various relationships/contracts SEAMLESSLY together with necessary transaction and reference coding. I can skillfully co-engineer highly custom/proprietary legal documents among various principals, partners, intermediaries, financial institutions, production partners, and legal consultants/counselors.

  -Bill Kemper