Work for Magister OperisTM

"We don't care whether you are black, white, green, or purple;
Talk bad, act bad, and/or look bad;

We only care if you can be bad..."


      Magister OperisTM presents exciting, satisfying, and highly rewarding opportunities for individuals willing to work hard in a worldly, high-growth, dynamic, quality, and customer service oriented atmosphere.

      If working with state-of-the-art technology and servicing customers with the highest quality real estate technology and construction is appealing to you, Magister Operis is just the place for you. The design of the Magister Operis financials makes partners out of every person working within Magister Operis. Magister Operis will not hold back individuals wanting to test the limits of their drive to excel and the rewards of being the best performer and/or leader. Magister Operis will be offering these opportunities worldwide. You are only limited by your own drive, knowledge, and cultural barriers/experience.

      Magister Operis is more than a solid industry, since more money has been made in real estate, than every other industry combined in time. Technology has made a tremendous amount of wealth in recent times. While the typical A/E/C/O "dot-com" does little more than allow communications, convenient posting of information, and group lists to be posted online, Magister Operis uses the power of the Internet as a transportation tool to facilitate ongoing infrastructure facilities being used for real estate management. Magister Operis carefully combines real estate and technology into an atmosphere that promises to be financially explosive to hard-working team players.

      Magister Operis is currently looking for people to fill numerous positions including general management and limited executive positions. Positions will first be available in the Atlanta/North Georgia region with numerous positions following nationally and internationally in the near future. Due to the Magister Operis profit sharing plan and performance incentives, being at the beginning stage of this worldwide expansion could prove to be highly advantageous to your financial future/independence.

Examples of positions that will be available:

General Administration
Related Subjects
Financial accountants, data entry, auditors
Back Office word processing, contact management, communications, legal, administrative assistant, database
Quality & Profit Control ISO 9000/14000 certification, customer service, safety, human relations, employee training and continuing education, marketing

Computer & Internet Services
Related Subjects
Software programmers ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, JAVA, MicroStation MDL, Oracle, Revit, Visual Basic, database
Webmasters and web developers HTML, Cold Fusion, Macromedia, streaming media
Computer tech and Internet support hardware, software, graphic workstations and visualization, networking, wearable computing, voice recognition, wireless, ISP,

Concurrent Design Engineering
Related Subjects
Registered & certified engineers structural, mechanical, electrical, network, civil, manufacturing, media
Project Modelers Previous construction experience is the highest credential.
Product Database Modelers Create 3-D data from manufacturer/vendor info for building databases
Project consulting project management, CAD, construction simulation, legal contracts, specifications, code compliance, education

Contract & Specification Management
Related Subjects
Project Managers residential, commercial
Legal attorney, legal analyst
Specification product database, consumer education, architectural matching, Internet programming, code compliance

Manufacturing & Installation
Related Subjects
Manufacturing and Installation carpenters, concrete/brick/stone masons, electricians, plumbers, welders, etc.
Shipping & Receiving inventory control, operations, material handling, delivery, rail services
Machine Control CNC programming, machine operator, tooling

Facility Management
Related Subjects
Facilities Control Internet programming, product and service management, customer management
Support warranty control, support tracking, consumer satisfaction
Extended Services alliance synchronization, alliance accounts


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