Magister Operis.can work on ssets on Euroclear when and only when there is open comunicaiton available with the banking institution that posted the asset to Euroclear. The bank that posted the asset to Euroclear  will still be fully involved within the transaction

If an asset owner's request is no communications with any bankers...then we are all wasting each other's time. Much of the paperwork floating around the Internet claiming to be available assets are on Euroclear and available to monetize/trade are scams and/or money laundering operation which Magister Operis wants no part within.

If you want to monetize/trade assets on Euroclear, please bring forth the banker that posted the asset to Euroclear so that intelligent conmmunications can begin.

Keep in mind also that the same bank that posts the asset to Euroclear is the same party that can also remove the asset from Euroclear.