There is significant opportunities for investors interested in the production of hydrogen from water that is also known as "green hydrogen". Magister Operis has an absolutely direct relationship with a publicly registered and fully regulated organization that owns the intellectual property and a sister company manages the manufacturing and licensing of container size production units that have 6x the electrical efficiency from the same water input as the competition. The number of production units installed on a project can be easily scaled to the desired output.

The organization has a partnership with an internationally recognized manufacturer of hydrogen-driven turbines for the production of electricity that are being packaged within the same production units. One of the uses of hydrogen is water treatment that both cleans water as well as produces drinking water, agricultural water, industrial water, etc and can also clean-up water from industrial output so that the water can be re-used and/or re-purposed for other applications. Oxygen is also separated from water which has multiple uses.

Compared to a 1.4 GW nuclear plant... a green hydrogen-driven turbine plant is:

• Significantly safer
• Operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower
• Requires less than three (3) hectares of land compared to over twenty-five (25) hectares for nuclear.
• Resilient to terrorism, war, and natural disasters
• Simple to decommission if needed
• Costs less than €2B
• Quickly operational in as little as 18 months

Total insanity:

Significant opportunities are available both in the factories manufacturing the production units as well as the numerous individual installation locations globally.

Notice that the top banks, agricultural and mining machinery manufacturers, transportation manufacturers and companies, steel and chemical manufacturers, utility companies, as well as governments are all looking at hydrogen as being the next big thing in energy.

A full brochure is available to qualified $€114M+ investors confirmed only by licensed certified external auditing.
Cash is preferred.


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