“The key to efficiency is …details defined in advance”.   -Wm. C. Kemper


      Welcome! This section of this website was invented after discovering that the trading and brokering markets are just as disorganized and needing intelligent leadership as the architecture, engineering, construction, operations industry. It is the wish of Magister Operis that your willingness to be a teamplayer leads us all towards success together ASAP!

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For many years now..I have developed an infrastructure of literally thousands of people that are somehow connected to pretty much anything you want to buy, sell, trade and/or construct in regards to real estate, mortgages, commodities (including precious), financial products, and/or investment products. Some of my connections are absolutely direct.  Yet many people don’t even know what “direct” really is.

As you may have noticed…the Internet has become absolutely clogged by numerous “deals” whereas various groups of people (with lots of unconfirmed requests and offers in their inbox) saying they are somehow connected to real buyers, sellers, funders, platforms, tradegroups, and/or willing participants within various private transactions. The reality is that most of these brokers/intermediaries, despite their various titles, can barely check their own email much less organize intelligent facts and assemble/craft professional paperwork for easily closeable deals.

As a result, a number of paymaster attorneys have figured that many of these people are a waste of time or even a liability and are now discontinuing paymaster services or charging a retainer to engage in paymaster services. Brokers typically put too much effort into trying to make the most while ignoring the key facts and exercises that are critical to getting paid anything. 

This section of this website was invented after discovering that the trading markets are just as disorganized and needing intelligent leadership as the architecture, engineering, construction, operations industry.

Please be clear that my true goal is to help all parties achieve success. If parties can’t put sufficient evidence that they own the cash or title…or provide sufficient evidence that intelligently lends credit to having the cash or title nearby…then I’m going to assume naturally that they are nothing more than a glorified broker that is playing games until they prove otherwise.

A general statement we use in the scientific community is: “If can’t flowchart it, then you don’t have anything.”. Based on my significant construction and design experience…I like to say “If you can’t draw it…how can you build it? And if you can’t build it…how can you accurately draw it?”. I have a very strong reputation for prefabricating highly-accurate complex roofs and radius components at many of Atlanta’s finest addresses. I have the skills to pre-cut/pre-fabricate/panelize entire projects with extreme accuracy.

These statements are generally also true in the bank instrument/trading industry. Completing private financial product and commodity transactions are actually easier than building a small house accurately. It is well documented although you are welcome to bring scientific/mathematical evidence otherwise. 

The private financial product and commodity community is full of people that talk a good story…but when it comes time to do things right…they are either clueless or actually have an even more sinister gameplans intact. Please don’t ask me to bother those parties or disclose their identity with unintelligent/half-empty/full opportunities, offers, and/or requests.

 In order to earn our fees we need to focus on assessing an intelligent match in these four areas:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Procedures
  • Personalities

I call these “The Four P’s”. We have to know there is a match of The Four P’s and we need to know all parties in the middle are on the same page so that the sum of that is “an easily closeable deal”.

I have learned to slow things down enough to do them right. If real details, accurate facts, complete paperwork, and relationships/ownerships that can be authenticated…then I am happy to help co-engineer win-win. Deals that can’t/won’t are rightfully accelerated into the garbage.

Please also be clear that I don’t mind helping a glorified broker if they can actually be transparent enough with me to make the transaction work and be real. I know how to authenticate parties on both sides of these transactions as well as make sure parties in the middle are seamlessly packaged and protected with full integrity intact.

I can help fill in the gaps, in difficult and/or complex situations, if folks choose to be coachable and strive for teamwork. But I can only drag the horses’ mouths to water. Our minds only work in either a positive or negative direction.  We have to choose the direction we want to focus towards which automatically displaces the other. Let us work together to successfully close these transactions in the most efficient and professionally admirable manner.


Warm regards,

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