COMMODITY: Precious Metals

QUANTITY: However many kilograms (KG) or metric tons (MT) gets the ball rolling. The more the better!



PRICE: Fixed Price per kilogram/metric ton or Net Discount off LBMA.

POF: As agreed

MODE: While unrefined metal is more complicated... metal under bank SKR could be as simple as SWIFT MT600 vs. MT103 or ledger to ledger transaction.

PAYMENT: Wire Transfer to Seller's account or ledger-to-ledger


Magister Operis™ has absolutely direct relationships with multiple buyers of precious metals:


Buyer #1

  • Absolutely direct.
  • Located in the area of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • Jewelers that Magister Operis has intimately known for over 30 years.
  • Highly experienced internationally in retail custom jewelry and manufacturing.
  • Owned three jewelry stores and two jewelry manufacturing operations in Eastern Europe.

  • Their uncle owned the first CNC jewelry milling machine on the planet and was one of the largest precious stone cutters in Europe.

Buyer #2

  • Absolutely direct.
  • Known almost a decade.
  • Located in New York City
  • Commodities trader, private merchant banker, financier, venture capitalist, and wealth manager for numerous family offices.
  • Has his own precious metals trading platform.
  • As a petroleum trader is invested in shipping, refining, and storage. 
  • As an iron trader is investing in mining and shipping. 
  • Former Series 7 securities trader.
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Will only engage with the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of the metal and/or attorney/advocate.  
  • Every quote (" ") on this page is his. 
  • Unrefined gold needs to be delived to gold refineries in New York and/or London. 

Buyer #3

  • Absolutely direct.
  • Known for over a decade.
  • One of the biggest precious metals refining/minting companies in the United States.
  • Magister Operis works directly with the inhouse corporate attorney.
  • Can purchase virtually unlimited amounts of precious metals.
  • Unrefined gold can be delived to various gold refineries the company owns across the United States.

Buyer #4

  • Absolutely direct
  • Known since early 2017 and has engaged in HUNDREDS of hours of video calls with the principals.
  • Positioned to purchase virtually unlimited amounts of precious metals with it's own assets combined with the backing of a top World bank in Zurich.
  • Company's principals have executive backgrounds in top world banking and accounting. They consult for the top 10 world banks, top corporations, and various governments in regards to strategic investments. 
  • The company's organization is supported by the boards of the top World banks and supported pro bono by some of the most elite accounting and law firms on the planet. 
  • The organization uses purchased gold to collateralize major project funding that promotes socio-economic transformation that leads to making charity and population migration unnecessary.
  • Can organize the payment of all taxes, insurance, and shipping from the top levels of governments down.
    • It's a seller's/miner's dream in regards to taxes, customs, logistics, and financial planning.
    • If desired.. buyer can help seller open an account in the transaction bank in Zurich so the funds are simply transferred ledger to ledger inside the bank. 
    • Can fund mining, commmunity, and/or national projects up to $€4 Billion each initially. 
    • Socio-economic projects can be strategically funded and people can be intelligently educated to perform in business.
  • Without upfront written attestation from seller's credible attorney/advocate confirming the history and ownership of the metal... the buyer is simply not interested.
  • Will only engage with the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of the metal and/or attorney/advocate.  
  • Professional email addresses only.
  • Click Here to read a page dedicated to the buyer and its other capabilities.
  • Unrefined gold needs to be delived to gold refineries in Switzerland. 

Buyer #5

  • Absolutely direct
  • Known since early 2014.
  • Majority shareholder of a precious metals refinery in Dubai for unrefined/outdated purchases. 
  • A principal in multiple corporations/operations in UK, USA, Dubai, Romania, and Switzerland. 
  • Gold can be delivered to variouis refineries globally. 

Buyer #6

  • While Magister Operis was introduced to the buyer through a single intermediary, Magister Operis deals directly with the buyer. 
  • Known since March 2021.
  • Is a United Nations and Federal Reserve Bank registered mining company and mining consultant. 



While Magister Operis would love to close deals with you, please note that NONE/ZERO of the above buyers are hobbyist gold buyers such as a retired airplane pilot. They are are highly experienced international business people in regards to precious metals. They will not chase sellers.Most people that bring offers to them are a total waste of time. 

These buyers do not call Magister Operis asking if gold is for sale but they are each very happy to buy gold if the transaction is obviously reasonably simple to close. The ONLY reason why Magister Operis has and maintains relationships with most of these buyers is because of Magister Operis' website, background, as well as professional document production skills.

It is also important to note that most of these buyers will only engage with the actual Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of the metal and/or their attorney. While they are happy to protect reasonable commissions, they have zero interest in working through parties that know sellers but personally own nothing to sell. 

It is highly recommended and appreciated that you carefully study Magister Operis' Workflow page before expecting Magister Operis to even bother any of these buyers with offers. 

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