COMMODITY: Precious Metals

QUANTITY: However many kilograms (KG) or metric tons (MT) gets the ball rolling.



PRICE: Fixed Price per Kg/Mt or Net Discount off LBMA.

POF: MT799  (or as agreed) from Buyer's Bank to Seller's Bank.

PAYMENT: Wire Transfer to Seller's account.


Magister Operis™ has direct relationships with several buyers, work direct with a number of buyers’ representatives/mandates, as well as have other parties looking for various forms of precious metal products.

Buyer #1

  • Absolutely direct.
  • Located in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA area.
  • Known group of buyers for 30+ years.
  • Buyers are experienced in international retail jewelry and manufacturing markets.
  • Will pay Seller in less than 24 hours after favorable assay.

Buyer #2

  • Absolutely direct.
  • Known for several years.
  • Located in the City of New York
  • Commodities trader, private merchant banker, and wealth manager.
  • Can POF upwards of $500M and is backed with billions from a syndicate of hedge funds.

Buyer #3

  • Absolutely direct.
  • Known for 30+ years.
  • Buyer is an international precious metals refining/minting company with offices and operations in many countries.
  • Magister Operis works directly with the corporate attorney
  • Can buy virtually unlimited amounts of precious metals.


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