COMMODITY: Precious Metals

QUANTITY: However many kilograms (KG) or metric tons (MT) gets the ball rolling. The more the better.



PRICE: Fixed Price per kilogram/metric ton or Net Discount off LBMA.

POF: MT799  (or as agreed) from Buyer's Bank to Seller's Bank.

MODE: While unrefined metal is more complicated... metal under bank SKR could be as simple as SWIFT MT600 vs. MT103 or ledger to ledger transaction.

PAYMENT: Wire Transfer to Seller's account or ledger-to-ledger

Magister Operis™ has absolutely direct relationships with multiple buyers of precious metals:

Buyer #1

  • Absolutely direct.
  • Located in the area of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • Jewelers that Magister Operis has intimately known for over 30 years.
  • Highly experienced internationally in retail jewelry and custom manufacturing.
  • Owned three jewelry stores and two jewelry manufacturing operations in Eastern Europe.

  • Uncle owned the first CNC jewelry milling machine on the planet and was one of the largest precious stone cutters in Belgium.

Buyer #2

  • Absolutely direct.
  • Known almost a decade.
  • Located in the City of New York
  • Commodities trader, private merchant banker, financier, venture capitalist, and wealth manager.
  • Can POF upwards of $500M and is backed with billions from a syndicate of hedge funds.

Buyer #3

  • Absolutely direct.
  • Known for over a decade.
  • Major United States precious metals refining/minting company.
  • Magister Operis works directly with the inhouse corporate attorney.
  • Can purchase virtually unlimited amounts of precious metals.

Buyer #4

  • Absolutely direct
  • Known since early 2017 and has engaged in HUNDREDS of hours of video calls with it's chairman.
  • Positioned to purchase virtually unlimited amounts of precious metals with it's own assets combined with top World bank banking.
  • Has close relationships with the governments, central banks, and intelligence of numerous nations as well as the top of the top banks on the planet.
  • Uses the gold to collateralize major project funding in which a portion of the profits from the projects are used to provide free business education in various nations to promote economic transformation in those nation that leads to making charity unnecessary.
  • Can organize the payment of all taxes, insurance, and shipping from the top levels of governments down.
    • It's a seller's/miner's dream in regards to tax/logistics planning.
    • Governments will know that taxes will be paid, socio-economic projects can be strategically funded, and people will be intelligently educated to perform.
  • Requires written attestation from seller's credibility attorney to the authenticity, history, and ownership of the metal. 

Buyer #5

  • Absolutely direct
  • Known since early 2014.
  • Majority shareholder of a precious metals refinery in Dubai. 
  • For the Dubai refinery, can purchase upwards of 2000 kg of unrefined gold monthly which will increase in volume in June 2021. 
  • Large volume buillion purchases are possible also. 


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