Magister Operis currently has a highly-developed  direct relationship with a publicly-registered and fully-regulated organization that can monetize various liquid and illiquid bankable assets as well as work with large funds that have issues including political and/or off-ledger accounts for the purpose of project funding.  

The organization was built from the ground-up to accomodate transactions greater than €$100 Million and funding multi-billion dollar projects. 



The organization has multiple well-done professional websites which is partially why they have earned the respect of top banks, corporations, governments, as well as top international accounting and legal firms. And as a result... the institution expects other parties it engages with to be similar in professional competency in today's modern business and financial world.

If you have a legitimate reason that you don't need a website in 2023 because you need to stay off the radar.. that is understood. But get totally ready to bring forth competent legal representation willing to attest to those facts and is ready to interface with some of the top banks, accounting, and law firms on the planet.



This institution only engages with ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) and law firms that use professional email addresses. A professional email address is easily obtained with $15 and 15 minutes. Feel free to ask Magister Operis how. Magister Operis has registered over 100 web domains since 1997. 

In the early summer of 2018... one of the organization's attorneys drove his Porsche over to the chairman's house in the Netherlands and said directly to Magister Operis on a video call: "We don't want any gmail accounts."

That means no gmail, hotmail, aol, yahoo, ISP, proton, hushmail, etc non-professional email addresses.

YOU NEED: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or similar professionalism

NOTE: It is understood that Protonmail, Hushmail, etc free email accounts are encrypted... which absolutely do offer advanced secure communications. But the free accounts alone cannot actually be labeled as 'professional' and accountable as required by bank compliance departments . Proton and other encrypted service providers offer paid services to run your domain name email addresses through their encrypted services if you pay for that. Study their business service plans for more information about using custom (your) owned domains.  

Intermediaries are not required to have professional email addresses although having professional email addresses certainly earns faster respect with the banks, accounting, and law firms.  



Magister Operis is happy to make itself available to speak to the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) and/or the UBO's licensed legal representation. 

It is critically very important to understand that the foundation, its sister organizations, and it's compliance and legal transaction representation will only engage with the UBO and/or the UBO's licensed legal representation. Parties with documents granting them "Power of Attorney" and/or Letter of Authorization" are unacceptable unless a licensed and competent law firm. UBO's who do not speak English can bring forth licenced legal representation that speak English and is fluent in interfacing with some of the biggest banks, accounting, and law firms on the planet. 

Once Magister Operis is convinced that the UBO and/or legal representation is intelligently credible, competent, and gets a direct green-light from the organization's chairman... Magister Operis will issue an introduction email including the organization's websites, the organization's institutional brochure, and cc'ing the organization's chairman. After the introduction email has been sent, Magister Operis will organize a Skype/Zoom/etc video meeting between the client and/or attorney with the organization's chairman.  



The organization and/or its sister organization will not sign Joint Venture (JV) agreements with third parties.  


Magister Operis™  sincerely appreciates your interest in Magister Operis!


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