Magister Operis currently has a highly-developed relationship with a publicly-registered institution that  has matured absolutely-direct top banking relationships and positioning to be a receiver/monetizer of various on and off-ledger funds, bank instruments, bonds/treasuries, sovereign guarantees, as well as various hard assets.

Target transactions are $100M+ .



This institution only engages with clients that are smart/intelligent/competent enough to be represented by credible accounting and law firms. The professional firms representing the client/applicant/beneficiary/project owner will be expected to have a credible website(s) and professional domain email accounts... just like any real/competent accounting and legal professionals that are capable of interacting with multi-million/billion dollar transactions in today's world.

PLEASE NOTE: Asset owners need to be represented by law firms that are competent in multi-million/billion dollar international financial transactions. Firms that primarily focus on divorce, criminal law, insurance claims, traffic citations, wills, etc... probably need to continue their levels of focus on those lower areas of law rather than the higher levels of sophistication required by international financial transactions.

Magister Operis is happy to make itself available to speak to legal representatives so that he and/or her clearly understands what his/her/firm role will be as well as why it is actually a wonderful opportunity for him/her and his/her firm in multiple ways. 

Once Magister Operis is convinced that the legal representative/firm is intelligently credible and gets a green-light from the institution's chairman... Magister Operis will provide the direct contact info for the legal representative to contact the chairman of the institution directly via phone/email/Skype. 

Please note that ALL calls with this institution are RECORDED.

PLEASE IMMEDIATELY NOTE: Any legal representatives wanting to use less than professional domain email addresses for business and don't have a working credible websites with competent attorney/advocate profiles will be immediately kicked to the garbage.



The institution has already pre-established bank accounts at top banks worldwide and has the highest credentials to open additional accounts in whatever bank/country/jurisdiction that is required in order to facilitate any legitimate transaction.



The institution has multiple well-done professional websites which is partially why they have earned the respect of top banks as well as top multi-national accounting and legal firms. And as a result... the institution expects other parties it engages with to be similar in professional competency in today's modern business and financial world.

If you have a legitimate reason that you don't need a website because you need to stay off the radar... totally get ready... to be required to be completely transparent with Magister Operis in that regard. It's that simple.

Why does the asset management company Blackrock have $6.3 Trillion under management? Probably because they authentically actually perform like the website rather than just talking about themselves being special and deserving respect... right?  ;-)



The institution has multiple well-done websites and only uses professional domain name emails wtihin business transactions.

This highly-reputable/professional organization does not want to engage with parties that use gmail, hotmail, aol, yahoo, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and/or any other type of non-professional email account for business transactions.

The quality of this institution wants to engage with a proper professional "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." style of email communications and nothing less. This style of email communications/functionality/professionalism is expected from the client, the client's accounting, banking, and legal representatives, as well as any project owners involved.

It is understood that the standard Protonmail, Hushmail, etc free email accounts are encrypted... which absolutely do offer advanced secure communications... those free accounts alone cannot actually be labeled as 'professional'.

But many those same encrypted service providers offer a user to pay for a subscription that allows encryption services to be integrated within professional domain email accounts which provides both the encryption as well as the professional accountability of professional domain email account. 



The institution is mandated directly by various governments to initiate various projects in the areas of healthcare, housing, amusement, natural resources, agriculture, clean water, energy, infrastructure, telecom/Internet, etc... and has various direct relationships with the very top of various natural resourses. 

While the institution already has plenty of projects on its plate... investors/asset owners as well as intermediaries are welcome to submit credible/accountable projects also.



Credibility is the key issue/requirement within these transactions. Click here for further notes on the subject of credibility..



English is the default language of these transactions. Please let Magister Operis know if you need help complying with this basic requirement.



1) Investor/Asset Owner and legal representation authenticates their credibility and skillsets to Magister Operis.

2) Magister Operis sends an introductory email including the chairman of the institution, the Investor, and/or legal representative so that all parties can get familiar with each other's credibility, website(s), etc.

3) Magister Operis arranges a recorded video conference call(s) with the institution's chairman, sender/sponsor/investor, and or legal representative so that all parties get to know each other in a face-to-face recorded manner. 

4) Attorneys are introduced to each other.

5) Attorneys work together to professionally draft/craft a highly-controlled "special purpose vehicle" (SPV) between parties.

6) Contracts are signed.

7) Investor's assets are transferred into the institution's custody as crafted as per the attorneys' SPV.

8) Assets are monetized/transferred as needed and/or as agreed for the purpose of project funding.  

9) The advance from bank(s) trading activity initiates the actual project funding.

10) Profits from trading provide full funding for projects with World Class accounting and legal accountability intact.

11) Projects profit and all parties and humanity love it.



  • The principals and banks WILL need direct communication with each other. Contracts designed by paranoid brokers and/or unaccountable principals that say there will be no communication between principals and/or banks will be immediately kicked to the garbage.
  • WARNING: This institution is absolutely real to the point that if you are looking for something real... you've absolutely come to the right place. BUT if you bring fraud, deception, fake documents, and/or misrepresentation... the integrity platform of this institution is plenty real enough also... to have international warrants issued in your name (as they are legally obligated to) and you will never have a bank account again. It's that simple. It's not a threat but rather only a distinct friendly warning for your own consumption/health.





Magister Operis™  sincerely appreciates your interest in Magister Operis!


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