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Magister Operis' general understanding of both the simplicities and complexities of bringing assets successfully towards Structured Private Financial Opportunities (SPFO), Private Placement Programs (PPP), and/or High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) is as follows:

A “tradegroup” or otherwise known as an “asset management group” (AMG) is an organization that has established a platform of relationships with banks and financial players whereas profits are generated through various financial transactions that strategically leverages a client’s assets to provide the funding for projects and/or profits. I am either absolutely direct or allowed to work direct with numerous tradegroups.

The information within this document is meant to convey that you can monetize and/or trade just about anything …as long as a bank will stand behind the asset with full banking responsibility. While getting a bank’s full cooperation may not always be easy …the general concept itself is actually quite simple.

BOTTOM LINE: The blocking messaging coming from an investor’s custodial bank to the trader’s trading bank …is a “bank instrument” in itself …which is actually what is being traded, rather than an investor’s asset itself. This “bank-to-bank instrument” (often in the form of SWIFT messaging) is what triggers the trader’s credit line to initiate the trades on behalf of the investor.

This is why the description of the asset itself …is far less important than having a bank standing behind the value of the asset. The trader is not trading the asset itself but rather using the bank-to-bank messaging to trigger the trader’s own credit line in order to initiate the actual trades. The trader trades using his own money/credit.

A trader…that is authentically on top of the world market…can accept virtually ANY asset (cash, bank instrument, commodity, in-ground/above-ground asset, parcel of precious stones, objects of art, precious metal deposits, metal/energy/profit mine, real estate, etc.)…IF AND ONLY WHEN the investor’s bank is willing to confirm the bank’s willingness as a bank…to stand behind a credible value and/or the asset's authenticity. It is that simple.

When an investor’s bank will not stand behind an asset …then underwriting by an insurance wrap/surety bond can often solve the issue. The insurance from underwriting of an asset relieves the bank itself from having to stand behind the securitization of the asset. The bank can then focus its SWIFT messaging on standing behind the underwriting rather than the asset itself.

Magister Operis™ fully understands that banks, underwriters, and other parties critical to your success are not always working smarter. The goal of Magister Operis is to help co-engineer win-win among all parties so that the paperwork and the transaction itself is as smooth and professional as possible.

Once Magister Operis confirms the principle signatory for an asset is really ready, willing, and able to diligently/honestly work towards their own success in a win-win manner… Magister Operis is willing to assist in organizing all parties in-between to perfect all the necessary paperwork so that the Investor’s experience is as efficient, pleasant, and professional as reasonably possible.

Magister Operis will not shop an investor’s package but rather will only bring an investor towards one tradegroup at time. It is better to slow a deal down just enough …to do it right so that predictable outcomes occur for all parties. Nothing will be floating around the Internet.

Further explanation verbally, help with document production, help with retaining underwriting providers, and/or help with master-minding how to make the entire transaction work as efficient as possible…is available upon request.