Magister Operis™ has established the relationships to facilitate the monetization of sovereign guarantees strictly for the purpose of highly-managed/controlled project funding via proper good governance orchestrated by the world's top banks, accounting, and legal firms. 



  1. Copy of the proposed SWIFT MT760 verbiage to be sent from the nation's central bank or a corresponding bank to the monetizer's bank..
  2. Confirmation of who exactly is the actual decision maker on behalf of the nation.
  3. Confirmation of who exactly is the actual signatory on behalf of the nation.
  4. Confirmation of the RWA participation of any corresponding banks that are involved on behalf of the nation's central bank. (if applicable)
  5. Confirmation of what credible party/law firm will represent the nation as a legal interface for contract development, transaction operations, and project funding.
  6. Quality documentation in regards to the use of funds.
    1. Projects will need competent business plans and financial pro formas.
    2. Certified accounting is required for any funds already spent on the project(s).
  7. An outline of all parties involved in-between, what each of their roles are, and what are each of their expectations.


1) Gather Submission Data Depends on client and asset
2) Magister Operis due diligence on data 24-72 hours
3) Direct dialog with client to make sure the client is real and ready as well as client’s bank, legal representation, and/or underwriter are ready as required. 15 minutes to 1 hour
4) Intermediaries professionally package themselves for efficient payment. 24 hours
5) Magister Operis packages the data for submission to monetizer 0-4 hours
1) Client’s paperwork is submitted to monetizer. 15 minutes
2) Monetizer does due diligence on data 24-72 hours
3) Magister Operis introduces client to monetizer and arranges conference call 24 hours
4) Monetizer and client have a conversation to get on the same page with each other 15 minutes to 1 hour
5) Attorneys are introduced to each other to draft contracts 30 minutes
5) Monetization lawyer issues draft contract to client for review. 24-72 hours
6) Client signs monetization contract. 10 minutes
7)Client blocks asset as agreed on behalf of monetization bank. 1-72 hours
8) Monetization banker deposits monetization funds into client’s account as per contract. 30 minutes
9) Intermediaries paid as agreed. 15-60 minutes
  *** DURATIONS NOTE:  Please understand that the above time durations are simply hypothetical guesses of what might be reasonable. Actual times will vary due to the quality or lack of quality as well as time constraints of the signatory principals, assets, intermediaries, documentation, legal counselors, custodial institutions, and/or banks. 


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