1. Copy of client’s proof of funds (POF) in the form of a tear sheet or bank statement showing current status of assets in client's account.
  2. Client Information Sheet (CIS) that includes client attorney info.
  3. LOI
  4. Letter of Non-Solicitation
  5. History of the asset.
  6. Copy of banker’s business card that is blocking the funds.
  7. Copy of banker’s business card.
  8. Copy of attorney/advocate's business card.
  9. Attestation Letter from client's attorney/advocate attesting that the attorney has verified the authenticity of the client, the authenticity of the funds, as well as the client's relationship with client's bank. 
  10. A list of intermediaries involved in-between and what are the expectations of the intermediaries.



Add the following documents If the client has projects to be funded:

  1. Business Plan
  2. Financial Pro forma
  3. Certified accounting for funds already spent




  1. Gather Submission Data
  2. Intermediaries professionally package themselves for efficient payment.
  3. Direct dialog with client to make sure the client is real, ready, and client’s bank is ready as required.


  1. Client’s paperwork is submitted to tradegroup.
  2. If paperwork is accepted…the client will be given the contact information of tradegroup and tradegroup’s banker for due diligence by client and client’s banker.
  3. As agreed between bankers, client’s banker confirms to trading banker that client and funds are ready, willing, and able to immediately react to available trading options to be presented to client.
  4. Client is offered available trading options and introduced to trader to allow due diligence.
  5. Client chooses desired program.
  6. Trader issues draft contract for client’s review.
  7. Client signs trade contract and authorizes his/her banker to block funds in favor of trader as agreed.
  8. Trading begins.
  9. Payouts to all parties begin as agreed.


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