Q. How much will these programs earn in profit?

A. Magister Operis will never promise the profits of any "program". Magister Operis does not have the proper licensing, certifications, trade accounts, and/or trade history, etc to promise anything. While Magister Operis may indeed have access to those with top level banking access, Magister Operis encourages the client to fully explore the reputation and track record of any/all "traders" and/or "platforms" that any parties advertise and/or introduce.


Q. Aren't many of these programs scams?

A. MANY advertised "programs" are absolutely scams!!! Magister Operis has PERSONALLY been a victim of a "program" that in 2006 promised Magister Operis $10,000,000 in project funding within 14 days for posting $100,000 or the money would be returned.  And given the fact that Magister Operis can document in detail the experience of being a victim... Magister Operis will never/ever suggest anybody sign/commit to anything that is not well researched and documented towards win-win.

Magister Operis highly suggests that clients/investors perform competent due diligence on any "trader", "platform", "program", and/or any contracts, as well as any/all intermediaries in-between before signing anything and/or blocking any assets towards towards ANY entity.

Whenever a client is asked to send their money/asset to another party... the client should not only exercise extreme caution towards these offers but also should require collateral that is equivalent or greater in cash value than the money sent towards the trader. That collateral often comes in the form of a bank instrument which requires additional due diligence to verify the authenticity and usability of the instrument.


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