Magister Operis™ is a unique company dedicated to making the habitats within humanity…accurate, efficient, flexible, predictable, profitable, and sustainable as well as bringing fun, play, and ease into the lives of everyone.


Talking Points For Consideration:



  1. Roads
  2. Bridges
  3. Airports
  4. Rail-lines
  5. Utilities
    1. Water
    2. Power
      1. Electric
      2. Gas
      3. Liquid
      4. Solar
      5. Magnetic
      6. Nuclear
      7. Etc
    3. Sanitation
    4. Sewage


Community Development

  1. Basic Education Schools
  2. Technical/University Schools
  3. Hospitals
  4. Parks and Recreation
  5. Worship Centers
  6. Hospitality
  7. Shopping
  8. Civic Buildings
  9. Police & Fire
  10. Government Buildings
  11. Military



  1. Single Family
  2. Multi-Family
  3. Community Development



  1. Manufacturing
  2. Food Production
  3. Responsible Natural Resource Harvesting & Processing
  4. Energy
    1. Solar
    2. Geothermal
    3. Nuclear
    4. Wind
    5. Hydro
    6. Petroleum
      1. Drilling
      2. Refining
      3. Storage
    7. Precious Stones & Metals
    8. Various Ore


Economic & Community Growth

  1. By inducing intelligent master-planning the combines infrastructure, community development, and industry development…naturally jobs are created, the standard of living is raised, and the country prospers into a nation of healthy, wealthy, and happy people.
  2. As the master-plan evolves…the people of Africa naturally become worth more to each other as well as to the whole World. This allows the standard of living and average earnings for all Africans an opportunity to naturally increase.  


Naturally everything outlined above cannot be addressed and initiated at once. But through the use of various technologies such as computer-aided design (CAD), powerful project management solutions, and Microsoft Excel …certainly everything above can be intelligently organized and masterminded for initialization in both a financially sound, reasonable, and sustainable manner.

Capitalization of the projects can happen in a number of ways depending on the pre-existing resources of each community.  I am in direct contact with a number of project funding sources for large projects.

Magister Operis™ looks forward to listening with integrity to the concerns, goals, and requests of the people and communities around the world…and then co-engineering/masterminding what is truly win-win for everyone.  The time has come for everybody…to work smarter…rather than harder.


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