Magister Operis™ has developed unique insight into the gaps within the solutions for socio-economic development particularly within less developed nations. May this page advance the start of technical discussions for projects and contract development that leads to actual aggressive socio-economic impacts for various communities and nations globally. .

 Magister Operis™ is a unique organization dedicated to making the habitats within humanity…accurate, efficient, flexible, predictable, profitable, and sustainable as well as bringing fun, play, and ease into the lives of everyone. 


Topics For Discussion:


  1. Roads
  2. Bridges
  3. Airports
  4. Rail-lines
  5. Utilities
    1. Water and Sewage Treatment
    2. Waste and Recycling
    3. Power
      1. Electric
      2. Petroleum/Gas
      3. Solar
      4. Magnetic
      5. Nuclear
      6. Geothermal
      7. Etc
    4. Tele-communications
      1. Internet
      2. Phone


Community Development

  1. Basic Education Schools
  2. Technical/University Schools
  3. Hospitals and Healthcare
  4. Parks and Recreation
  5. Worship Centers
  6. Hospitality
  7. Shopping
  8. Civic Buildings
  9. Police & Fire
  10. Government Buildings
  11. Banking and Currency Exchange
  12. Military



  1. Single Family
  2. Multi-Family
  3. Community Development



  1. Manufacturing
  2. Agriculture
  3. Responsible Harvesting/Mining, Processing, and Renewal
  4. Energy
    1. Solar
    2. Geothermal
    3. Nuclear
    4. Wind
    5. Hydro
    6. Hydrogen
    7. Petroleum
      1. Drilling
      2. Refining
      3. Storage
  5. Mining of various rare earths, industrial elements, as well as precious stones and metals. 


Economic & Community Growth

  1. By inducing intelligent master-planning that combines infrastructure, community development, and industry development…naturally jobs are created, the standard of living is raised in communities and nations so that the people individually themselves have the resources to purchase their own food and housing 
  2. As the master-plan evolves…successful communities naturally become worth more to each other as well as to the whole World. This allows a community's wealth and standard of living to increase by design rather than rely on charity or other survival tactics.  


Large-Scale Project Funding

Magister Operis has a highly developed organization capable of fund-raising up to €4 Billion initially for large-scale socio-economic and green projects. Depending on the type of projects,,, funds can be raised in a non-recourse manner meaning the funds do not have to be paid back. 


Current National Problems in Africa



Critical Mindset of Government Leaders

The funding organization is highly experienced in top World banking and accouthing as well as banking and accounting within Africa.  Unfortunately over the last decade, the funding organization has not funded any projects in partnership with any African governments primarily for two reasons.

Many African government leaders say: 

  1. "What is in it for me?" 
  2. "Can you open a Swiss bank account for me?" 

Magister Operis and the funder will not engage in corruption nor waste time talking to those that have a corrupt mindset. The funder is supported by the boards of top world banks as well as supported pro-bono by some of the world's most elite accounting and law firms. Some of their financial modeling services require top-level security clearances. 

It is corrupt mindsets that has earned some African nation's today to be labeled in the financial markets as being "small, broke, and corrupt".

Magister Operis and the funder cannot change a nation being small but can faciltate a transformation of a nation's international reputation as being known as being both rich and respected. But this is up to the African leaders to take control of their nation's destiny and their children's future.

When top world banks hear the word Africa... they often immediately freeze because of the historical patterns of corruption and financial mismanagement in Africa. The earned reputation of being corrupt and broke is only going to go away when the leaders of African nations initiate the discipline    


Understandable Resistance To Traditional Funding Sources


Mulitple Layers of Accountability

The funds will not be disbursed by simply depositing lump sums of funds into project accounts. 


Integrity as a Service

Magister Operis is poised to custom-tailor a set of services/consultation/solutions that all stakeholders can accurately label as ‘Integrity as a Service’ which is focused on maximizing intelligent integrity, efficiency, and return on investment for various government, community, and/or private investment stakeholders. Magister Operis' goal is to assist with working smarter rather than harder in engineering intelligent solutions to your great noble challenges, efforts, and visions.

Projects today can achieve success by design rather than more historical methodologies. By utilizing various state-of-the-art technologies and skillsets that allow both structural and financial modeling which provides integrated financial, accounting, and construction solutions , 

Capitalization of the projects can happen in a number of ways depending on the pre-existing resources and/or banking relationships of communities and/or nations.  Magister Operis is direct to a number of project funding sources for large projects that meet basic modern due diligence criteria.

Magister Operis™ looks forward to listening with integrity to the concerns, goals, and requests of the people and communities around the world…and then co-engineering/masterminding what is truly win-win for everyone.  The time has come for communities…to work smarter…rather than harder.

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