PRODUCT TYPE MTN, Bank Guarantee, or Standby Letter of Credit
DESCRIPTION WANTED: Instruments for Lease
PRICE As agreed
TRANCHES As agreed
PAYMENT SWIFT MT103 or as agreed.

DVP with free delivery or as agreed.

  1. Lessor brings forth reasonable comprehensive description/copies/screenshots of paper, asking price, face value of amount owned, and acknowledges the procedures stated herein.
  2. Lessee and lessor work with each other to verify that both parties are on the same page and so that both parties gracefully work out any differences between each other.
  3. As agreed by both parties, contract is drafted with the procedures exactly stated herein (or as agreed) as well as the provision that “Transaction is based on final verification, due diligence, and acceptance by lessee's brokerage house/bank”.
  4. Contract between lessee and lessor is signed that includes section that automates efficient payments to any brokers/intermediaries.
  5. Lessor delivers instrument(s) to lessee's financial institution via DTC/DTCC/etc with free delivery for buyer's brokerage's compliance and verification.
  6. Lessee's brokerage completes full due diligence on paper and exit confirmation. (24-48 hours)
  7. Lessee's brokerage reports to lessee the authenticity, marketability, options, and transaction timing for lessee to consider in negotiations with the lessor. (Lessee and/or brokerages reserve the right to reject and/or return paper for any reason.). .
  8. If lessee and lessor are still on the same page after brokerage report then lessee's brokerage delivers paper into lessee's account and initiate payments to lessor and intermediaries as agreed.
  9. Additional tranches continue as agreed.
  • Lessee has three trade accounts in the U.S. and two in Canada.
  • Lessee has offices in the U.S., London, and Japan.
  • Please note that the lessee is reliant on his exits and brokerages to verify the authenticity and marketability of paper before committing to anything. Any demands for the lessee to commit to anything earlier is wishful thinking.
  • Lessee will not ask his brokerage houses to verify the financial instruments, start their due diligence, research current market values, nor set exit prices until current ownership of the paper is defined  and the financial instruments are delivered to the brokerage house so that all parties know the deal is real and worth paying attention to.  
  • Lessors that own no title but actually possess a real option to provide lease on behalf of a titleholder simply needs to quickly authenticate that option.
  • Both parties' signatories need to spend enough time DIRECTLY with each other to develop mutual trust in each other's accounts. Both parties' financial institution has already performed compliance on each party before awarding an account(s) to each party'.
  • If both parties present equal integrity... it easily stands to reason that the deal can easily transact very quickly and predictably as mutually agreed.
  • Therefore both parties' desks agree the lessee's desk to confirm to lessor's desk the following and NOTHING MORE:
  1. DTC/DTCC/etc. and account coordinates.for delivery of the financial instrument towards buyer's account.
  2. Brokerage is ready to receive paper for verification.

Validation of an asset can take upwards of 48 hours or more but actually may be much quicker depending on quality of the asset's custodial conditions and titleholder authentication. Settlement is basically the same in that settlement can be lightning fast if the asset speaks for itself rather than making the buyer chase it around.

Simple, honest, clean, and competent deals will naturally close the fastest. While not promised...same day closings might even be possible when rapidly authenticatable facts are on the table for that level of  efficient processing by all parties. Stands to reason...right?

MAGOP RELATIONSHIP: Absolutely direct to lessee.


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