PRODUCT TYPE Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency
DESCRIPTION WANTED: Discounted Bitcoins
PRICE Volume quantity discount as agreed
TOTAL CONTRACT AMOUNT As much as possible (Large volumes are desired)
TRANCHES Minimum 1,000 coins up to 20,000 coins weekly


A) Video call between Buyer and Seller.

B) Face-to-face TTM in same location together. 

B) Attorney to attorney. 



A) Seller's wallet to buyer's wallet.

B) Coins delivered to the Ledger or Trezor wallet address provided by an escrow attorney; in rare instances and with increased escrow fee, proper security measures can be taken to allow the possibility of a core-to-core transaction.

PAYMENT MT103, domestic wire, ledger-to-ledger, or SBLC
LOCATION OF BUYER Has lived in Italy for many years but also has assets in Turkey, Dubai, and Monaco. 
BUYERS' BANKS HSBC Singapore, Westpac Sydney

The Buyer has some flexibility but in general this is what he is looking for: 


1) Seller confirms the wallet balance to Buyer in one of the following two ways:

A) Seller sends 7778 Satoshi to the Buyer's e-wallet from Seller's wallet with at least 1000 BTC balance and sends a video of Seller’s wallet from which the sending was made,

B) Seller transfers 112.56 BTC from the main wallet (consisting of at least 1000 BTC) to Seller’s new wallet and records the transfer on video. Seller should announce both wallets names in advance.

2) Buyer provide an account statement confirming the balance for the whole amount.

3) Seller shows his ability to control money receipt via on-line banking.

4) Once contract is signed after 1) and 2) points, both parties place contract into their banks to pass compliance. Seller confirms he has account mode and limits appropriate for tranches coordinated in the contract.

5) Transaction:

A) The buyer of BTC, once compliance is finished and representatives met, makes the transfer with MT 103 from the bank account to Seller’s bank account.

A) Buyer representative presents within transaction with Seller and Seller provides evidence from online- banking any moment of buyers request.

6) Once the money has been received, the BTC are then delivered to the Buyer's account immediately.

7) Parties continue to repeat the process as many times as necessary to complete the full contract amount or coins available.


  1. Buyer shares POF with attorney escrow firm preferably in Switzerland. 
  2. Seller transfers coins into escrow.
  3. Buyer transfers funds directly into Seller bank account or escrow account.
  4. Escrow transfers coins into buyer's wallet. 
  • Anyone insisting on POF upfront is 100% reseller or trader and not the actual coin owner!
  • Buyer needs to be sure that the seller has 100% control of the wallet directly because seller can not wait days to receive BTC after payment is done and does not want to go to court to resolve it.
  • In most cases the Buyer will never send fresh POF upfront to sellers because sellers can use it to go end wallet owner and show it to the owner and ask owner to do satoshi which misrepresents the Seller as the actual owner of the coins which can make the transaction problematic.
    • Sellers are wise to be highly transparent about their exact ownership status and wallet control. 
  • While the Buyer has no issue sharing POF with an escrow attorney, the Seller will never send POF before receiving satoshi or see movement from same ID wallet to another Seller wallet (it has to be registered on video as well).
  • Due to the fact that attorneys can be slow to return funds from escrow if a Seller fails to perform, the Buyer wants the coins in escrow first. 
  • Buyer does not have problem to give POF bank to bank for the whole tranche and/or contract amount.
  • Magister Operis and buyer will not work through broker chains. Brokers should focus like a laser on making the deal real and the parties involved credible.  
MAGOP RELATIONSHIP:  An associate of Magister Operis, known since 2014 and highly credible in international business, is direct to the Buyer that he has known since 2004.




Simply modify the template in the Word doc in the link above into whatever is accurate for whatever offer you want to submit to Magister Operis. Don't hesitate to ask Magister Operis for help filling out the document or modifying its existing contents!


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