Magister Operis™ frequently receives various project funding requests. Magister Operis also has access to sources of various project funding and financing.

What should be of high interest to sophisticated investors is the fact that part of Magister Operis’ team is a highly-decorated former member of the United States Department of Commerce:

  • As a highly seasoned rare expert in global commerce, trade, infrastructure, and project funding... he has successfully facilitated numerous World-Class transactions between numerous countries and businesses globally.
  • Knows his way around the governments of many nations as well as the global finance and procurement industries.
  • Highly knowledgeable about various local and international tax credits, laws, and incentives.
  • Works closely from the top-down within the U.S. Import-Export Bank (EXIM) ( as well as Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) (
  • Experienced/connected with various key project elements including various energy, big agriculture (state-of-the-art), amusement parks, stadiums, multi-national construction companies as well as equipment suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Consults for military organizations.
  • Provides security as well as cyber-security on some projects and even for entire countries in some instances.


This powerful relationship allows Magister Operis access to all or parts of the following to projects globally as needed:

  • Financing
  • Insurance
  • Equipment Suppliers/Manufacturers
  • Installers
  • Operators
  • Maintenance
  • Security Including Cyber-Security


CURRENTLY, Magister Operis is in possession of a signed Letter of Interest (LOI) issued in EXIM’s letterhead for an Eighty-Seven Million Dollar ($87M USD) 35 mega-watt solar plant/farm in Kazakhstan. The LOI confirms the availability of 115% LTV financing with 2.6% interest for at least 18 years. (PLEASE NOTE: “115%” LTV is not a typo error)

In order for projects to qualify for EXIM’s financing programs, the project owners are required to bring 15% equity to the table, which many project owners do not have, which therefore naturally opens the door wide-open for outside investors to lead in bringing forth the 15% in equity funding for the various projects ranging from small millions to over a billion dollars in total project funding requirements each.

Magister Operis’ own 30 years of being a proven technology pioneer, a proven highly-accurate construction operator/prefabricator, and having enormous contacts and relationships with construction industry manufacturers, architectural talent, engineering, as well as the 3-D+ building information modeling (BIM) software and hardware industry sectors can further enhance these projects in being highly accurate, efficient, flexible, predictable, profitable, and sustainable.

Magister Operis seeks accredited, corporate, and/or institutional investors interested in exploring equity participation within the experienced team(s) organizing these projects as either the sole investor or as a co-investor. Not every project qualifies for EXIM or OPIC financing.

Please contact Magister Operis if you have any questions. Our mission is to co-engineer win-win.


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