Italianate II

Location: Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA

Architect: Polites-Cook

General Contractor: Turner Builders, Inc.

Special Features:
  • Intricate residence for only being 5,200 sq. ft.
  • Four-sided elliptical tray ceiling at living room.
  • Roof structure is all wood-I & laminated veneer lumber engineered roof components.
  • Front door is reclaimed from a historic Chicago bank building.
  • Roof structure is all wood-I, laminated veneer lumber, & parallel-strand lumber engineered roof components.
Special recognition:

Christopher Keibler: Mr. Keibler, Corinthian Concurren's production engineer, maintained outstanding overall x, y, and z accuracy for this highly-complex architectural project.

Mark A. Senn: Mr. Senn, Corinthian Concurren's component engineer, accurately prefabricated the highly complex components and assemblies that skillfully fed Mr. Keibler's layout and assembly skills.

Herbert Hess; Mr. Hess invented specialized tool fixtures that faciltatated extremely accurate/exotic component manufacturing.

Left view
Upstairs from lower level to stair hall
Master dome with Isokern fireplace
Back-left view
Barrel over stair to stairwell
Four-sided elliptical tray; As with all other radius and elliptical components on residence, everything was precision manufactured on-site utilizing absolutely no scribe marks in the process. This was acheived by using true x & y geometry and in-house custom-built machinery.
Intricate bay
Component engineer Mark Senn discusses the game plan with production engineer Chris Keibler, as Mr. Keibler applies sheathing to the rear parapet which was built in the living room
Rear parapet being flown up to location
Front-left with roof being installed
Corinthian Concurrent works smarter, not just harder; This results in faster construction times, lower construction costs, and superior quality
Finished house